The use of solar water heaters and Quotes

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Time: 2014-02-13
Summary: Solar water heaters in China has actually been used for more than 15 years , from the original lot to a normal fault , solar workers have gone through a hard road, but also summed up a lot of valuable experience. Compared to ordinary household electrical products , solar energy is still relatively poor reliability , so for each customer's situation , proposed a reliable installation program is very important.

    Third quality seven installation reflects the current status of the use of solar water heaters . According to City Solar Energy Industry Association statistics, since the beginning of this year , Jiaxing City, the newly opened solar water heater business and supporting more than 200 enterprises , the rapid expansion of the solar water heater industry enterprises into a dilemma . Since September , Jiaxing City, a sharp decline in sales of solar water heater business , the chain fell about 50 %.

    " This phenomenon has affected almost all solar water heater business in Jiaxing City , is 10 years, there has never been ! " City Solar Energy Industry Association Secretary-General Xu Zhu Ling said , even as big companies such as Le Sang , October sales began to fall , some do not small business sales team sales fell by two-thirds.

    Solar Energy Industry Association Secretary-General of the province Shen Fuxin analysts believe that intense competition Jiaxing solar products , so that the industry formed the polarization pattern : one side is a good brand , companies large orders full ; the other side is the brand miscellaneous , small business, small orders , and this phenomenon is becoming increasingly evident.

    So relying on the Trade Fair for orders , as many solar products manufacturer expectations. Some companies , said: "Even if the moment can not get orders, but exhibitors can certainly enhance product awareness ."

    More local businesses are looking forward to help exhibitors achieve " contrarian assault ." Anonymity of the business owners said that now more than anyone to get orders, who will be able to live more moisture , while exhibitors is more effective path to take orders .

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