Solar Storage tank

Group Solar Water Tank(Solar Boiler)
PriceUS $76-200 / set
Min. Order 10 set
Terms of Payment Western Union, T/T
Update Time 2018-11-27
Item specifics
ApplicationWater Heater
Pipe MaterialCopper
keep warmwhite

Tank according to the shape is divided into: cylinder temperature-holder box and module splicing tank. Cylindrical tanks can be generally do 1-12 tonnes, again big volume can use module splicing tank. Module splicing cistern is to use 1-m * * 0.5 m 1-m 1-m and joining together of stainless steel plates welded.Tank according to material and USES can be divided into: stainless steel tank, enamel steel tank, glass fiber tank, temperature-holder box, fire water tank, etc.By high water tank, storage tank and low water tank of three parts. Tanks are equipped with high mechanical control the embellish water device, the flushometer and discharge water valve and electrode float switch, embellish water vessels and the flushometer seat respectively with the Settings in standing water box tee flush pipes connection, pressure-relief valves open, high water tank and storage tank connected; Low water tank setting lever type float switch, float valve spool open, save water tank with low water tank connected; Low water tank also sets up the submersible pump, strainer and outfall, submersible pump outlet pipe mouth is located in high water tank, submersible pump shut-off by high tank electrode float switch control. The tank can save much for drink clean water, the social efficiency and the economic benefit is remarkable. This tank can with existing in various types of implement supporting the use. For large water of hotels, restaurants, the business unit all can install and use.tankAccording to using temperature-holder box processing of the difference of the material can be divided into: stainless steel temperature-holder box confined temperature-holder box FRP temperature-holder boxTemperature-holder box is to point to in tank sandwich increase special industrial and thermal insulation material, make water tank of keeping a certain temperature satisfy life or industrial needs.